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All about Appalach Cream

Our family has been making ice cream for more than 80 years, we are the third generation that brings happiness!

AppalachCream is a delicious and unique twist on a tasty treat.

Grandpa Chicho discovered his talent in gastronomy from a very early age, and obviously the dessert could not be missing, in every meal he made he included a little of the sweet ice cream.

Mount Appalach - Appalach Cream Ice Cream
Mount Appalach - Appalach Cream Ice Cream

Daughter Ana, inherited the talent, following the tradition of always having ice cream made from scratch at home, we grew up eating ice cream. the grandchildren Augustine and Octavio, heirs of the talent, encouraged their parents to start a business in 2000, the business still exists and other new branches led by the younger grandson Octavio have been opened in Texcoco, Mexico

With over 25 years of experience, grandson Augustine, inspired by the beautiful people of his community and the support of his wife Sandy, develops a recipe that combines his origins from the mountains, the enigmatic Tlaloc in the Valley of Mexico, the Mountains of Northern Italy, and the beautiful Appalachians.

Referring to it as "AppalachCream, A Very American Gelato", preserving the rich flavor of grandpa's ice cream while combining the best aspects of each world: Mexican cuisine's rich and intense flavor, Italian creaminess and low fat content, and high quality with valuable additions that only Americans can create, day by day.

Mount Appalach - Appalach Cream Ice Cream