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A Very American Gelato!

AppalachCream is a delicious and unique twist on a tasty treat.

Our recipe, made from scratch and handed down through three generations was inspired by our Italian and Mexican roots , has brought happiness for over 80 years. This year, we decided to bring together the American, Italian, and Mexican recipes to create an exceptional Very American Gelato that is creamy, full of body, and taste.

We provide dairy and nondairy options that you will enjoy, including italian sodas, milkshakes, and more!


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Appalach Ice Cream - Dairy ice cream
Appalach Ice Cream - Nondairy ice cream

Come and meet APPA & LACH

Allow yourself to be charmed by our hand made ice cream, with Grandpa's personal touch that won't require toppings.

Apa and Lash - Appalach ice cream

We are surrounded by incredible neighbors with truly amazing things for all tastes and restaurants for the most demanding palates. We are located in the beautiful historic Grove Arcade Building, 1 Page Ave, Suite 113, Asheville NC, 28801.


You are invited to visit our social media pages and provide feedback. Working with our lovely community is a delight, and we take great pride in being a uniquely American company!